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Energize your 2010 recruiting program with ideas and inspiration supplied by industry leading recruiters, trainers and speakers. Learn to analyze the global view of the recruiting climate. Prepare for both offensive and defensive recruiting strategies. Supplement your program with warm personal touches guaranteed to build strong relationships and agent productivity. Sorry, sessions are for members only. Written notes and CDs are available for all sessions.
Rookie Agent and Pre-License School recruitment strategies have many elements that can be systematized and delegated to administrative assistants. Documenting processes is critical.
Notes from Recruiting Network Teleclasses are a wealth of information. Use this expert advice to create your recruiting programs and systems. Gain a global perspective of industry recruiting. The Members Only Rule Applies. Dstribution of Teleclass notes to non-members will result in a non-refundable loss of membership.
This section contains a graphic format and links to state real estate licensing information. Contact The Recruiting Network Consulting Services for ways to use this information on your career web pages.
Use these articles and downloads for recruiting and retention. Productive offices attract quality recruits. Include agent productivity activities in your recruiting and retention program. Take your "P.I.C.K.". Keep your agents.
Management skills are required for recruiting, agent productivity and mandated record keeping and compliance Use the P.I.C.K. System keep management skills at peak performance.
Recruiting Tips and Ideas from a wide varity of resources are organized in this folder using the P.I.C.K system for Prospecting, Interviewing, Closing and Keeping productive agents.
Holiday ideas and production based activities create a "Buzz" of team spirit. Use these ideas to spice up meetings and recruiting events. Create memories and recruit people who are fun!
Improve your skills with these articles on diversity and protected class issues including age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, and special disabled veteran classifications.
Use this information with holiday ideas, budgets, spreadsheets and other Resource Center tools for advanced meeting and event planning. Plan all events and activities a year in advance.
Use the articles and ideas in this folder to supplement your strategic plan for recruiting experienced agents. Take your “P.I.C.K”, of the top agents in your market.
Human Resources laws and regulations are changing rapidly and require consistent HR systems and hiring procedures. Train, document and seek legal advice from lawyers specializing in HR.
Prospecting activities are organized around the four key elements of the recruiting process. Put systems in place and Take your P. I. C. K
The Resource Center content is organized around the four key elements of the recruiting process; Prospecting, Interviewing, Closing and Keeping agents. Take your “P.I.C.K”. Grow your company!
Articles and issues pertaining to the recruiting process are Not offered as legal advice. Members are advised to always seek specialized legal advice on recruiting and hr systems and issues.
Interviewing activities is a critical area where strict company procedures, record keeping and training require legal advice for solid program development. "P. I. C. K" with a solid system.
Closing and negotiation activities are built on relationships first and commissions last. Use this information to define your dialogue so that you can take your “P. I. C. K” of the best!
Use these ideas to keep agents happy and productive and they will stay. Provide agents with support and services. P. I. C. K the best!
"P.I.C.K." the right management team and hold them accountable for recruiting results and agent productivity. Use this information to build a strong management development program.
Marketing Materials and Sales Training can ad considerable value to a sales agent bottom line. Learn to develop marketing and public relations to attract new agents.
Mergers & Acquisitions build firms quickly, IF the cultures people and systems combine with a smooth transition. Check lists, planning and systems keep agents on board for the long term.
Scrupulously fair and well defined Awards & Recognition programs attract and retain quality agents. When agents are happy you can take your “P.I.C.K”!
Paws For Fun with our fun loving pooches Elmo and Muffin provide ideas to liven up the office and encourage managers to have the "Courage to be Corny".
Training agents to be highly productive is the best recruiting tool available. This folder contains articles, information, check lists and production spreadsheets. P. I. C. K the best!
Well trained management is one of the best recruiting tools available. This folder contains articles, check lists and information for holding your team accountable for recruiting and productivity.
The Letter Library is a growing resource for personal correspondence and direct mail programs. New letters will be added weekly. We recommend you use them as a guide. Never use "canned" commercial letter systems, even ours, without editing them to reflect your office culture. Savvy recruiters find ways to turn canned letter campaigns against the sender. Members Only Rule Applies. Group membership is required to use the Letter Library in any form, for corporate programs.
Advice from leading real estate owners, managers, recruiters, speakers and human resource experts.
An assortment of spreadsheets, are available for you to customize. They highlight recruiting success and hold the management team accountable for goals. The Members Only Rule Applies. The downloadable spreadsheets may NOT be used for a company recruiting program unless the firm has a group membership license and all managers are members of The Recruiting Network.
Welcome New Members. You Must LOG-On to Access the "Members only Content" located in the Resource Center. This folder will show you how to log on and give you a tour, after you have logged on using your email address and password.
Archive of Phil Humbert's Tips to Live By. Use the tips frin this popular speaker for agent training and office meetings.
Tim Connor, Author/Consultant, presents management tips for building relationships, sales production and living a balanced life.
Your pool of available recruits is constantly in competition with outside interests and economic conditions. Here, you will find some tips that will help you re-think what goes into your value package and recruiting presentations. Remember, the best firms have systems in place to reward employees and staff for their recruiting efforts!
The Internet is a cheap, powerful tool. Tips and articles on how to take advantage of it are housed here. Be sure to check the Teleclass Notes Archive for more advice on web-based recruiting!
These are documents for the Teleclass with Judy LaDeur on August 1, 2005.
The Recruiting Network takes editorial stands on issues relating to recruiting and state of the industry topics. Editorials do not always reflect the views of the The Recruiting Network, Inc. but all provide our members with information to help them formulate their own opinions and policy.
Information provided here are gifts from our Teleclass presenters. It is also referenced in the Teleclass Notes and may also be found in topic related sections of this site.
The 2007 Recruiting Network Conference was held in April 2007. This brochure will show you who participated and what topics were discussed. The 2008 Conference will be held April 23-25th. Information on the location and speakers will be posted when it become available. Additionally, here are tips from previous conferences.
Happy Holidays from Your Friends at the Recruiting Network. The items in this folder are gifts to you from some of our generous members. They were shared at our annual idea exchange. Feel free to adapt them to your Recruiting and Retention Program. Other member gifts are in the Letter Library and appropriate folders.
Here is a repository of recorded teleclass podcast seminars in .mp3 format. This format can be played on all computers and common handheld media devices (iPods). Each one is about an hour long, so the download may take a while. This section is members-only except a few free downloads.