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Carol's Corner
Welcome to Carol's Corner!Carol Johnson's Recruiting Comments and Commentary- Next Teleclass - Monday, April 7th, 2008 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time ... Adjust to your time zone. - "Growing Through Acquisitions... No Limiting Beliefs" - Featuring Merle Whitehead - Members: Log On andclick here for the phone numberand access code.
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How To Recruit Experienced Agents
Jack O'Connor, Looking for a great recruiting idea for your state convention or local board event? Jack O'Connor CEO of Prestige Realty in Colorado has a great idea to share. (Prospect)
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Recruiting Fish Story
From Carol Johnson. This fish story can be used as a management training exercise that will add some fun to your session. Tell the story to your management team and see how many recruiting related lessons they can learn from this story.
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Early Bird Discount Extended – Rescession Proof Your Business
The largest most respected source of real estate recruiting and retention ideas and resources.
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2008 Recruiting Network Conference - Recruiting in Survival Mode
Don't feel guilty about investing time and money to re-energize your recruiting program. It's the best thing you can do for you and your business. You can still recession proof your organization with innovative strategies. This market presents fabulous opportunities for recruiting and acquiring companies, as well as increasing agent productivity. This is the time to reap the greatest rewards.
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Speakers & Panelists - 2008 Recruiting Network Conference - Recruiting in Survival Mode
Meet our team of industry experts that will hone your competitive edge to razor sharpness and let you slice through the recruiting competition!
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Schedule of Events - 2008 Recruiting Network Conference - Recruiting in Survival Mode
From April 16-18, our industry experts will not only help you sharpen your competitive edge, but our discussion groups will provide invaluable insights into the minds of other top recruiters from across the nation.
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Alice the Goldfish Has a Unique Recruiting Story...Sound Fishy?
In many markets dozens of agents, offices, and companies claim to be #1 at something. However, what that "something" is becomes lost to consumers and the agents they are trying to recruit. Brokers who make exaggerated claims and provide fishy numbers are inviting both legal and competitive retaliation.In today's challenging economic climate, establishing a unique value proposition and an identifiable corporate culture can give you a competitive edge. When agents are investing their commission dollars in a company they are looking for leadership and services that can provide the income, life style and security they desire.
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If Your Recruiting Leads Aren't Hitting Your Blackberry. You're in a Jam!
Firms with web sites and voice mail systems that lack the ability to send instant alerts when leads are generated are not keeping up with the trends agents are demanding. This very scenario may be leaving you or some of your key competitors in a serious jam.
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Recruiting Network Conference April 16-18 Scottsdale, AZ
About the Conference:General Sessions: General Sessions are the big picture. They will prepare you to recognize global recruiting issues that could impact your local market without warning. Nationally acclaimed speakers and industry leaders will reveal major changes taking place in the race for productive talent. Experts will share how to attract productive experienced and rookie talent, even though agents are leaving the industry in droves. Come discover how new recruiting technology, training, and retention systems can help you fast track growth in Today's Market.
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