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"Carol Johnson's Tip on Awards and Recognition in Today's Challenging Market"

Carol Johnson
The Recruiting Network


Carol Johnson
The Recruiting Network, Inc.
Schaumburg, IL

Could you give our members some insights on how to handle giving Awards and Recognition?

Fairness and simplicity are key elements of any awards program. Everyone must fully understand what is required to achieve each level of recognition. When people perceive that the rules were somehow compromised, even the most lavish ceremony is a disappointment that can result in the loss of management credibility or the loss of an agent.

Most people take pride in their moment to glory, but in some firms award ceremonies are a major disappointment. That may well be the case this year as budget cuts have dimmed some galas. Managers need to be creative and make everyone feel extra special through out the year. This year's award winners survived with hard work and determination. If they don't feel appreciated they may be looking for greener pastures.

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