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Sharon Teusink

Sharon Teusink
Branch Manager
Prudential Gary Greene
Houston, TX

If you could give our members one piece of advice on Recruiting, Retention or Agent Productivity, what would it be?

At our company, we really partner with our agents. We do have team spirit and when they win, we win. Our system is set up to help new people to become successful and also help experienced agents reach their next level of success, so that their business and their lives become successful. Their hard work, for example, will allow us to build a new, beautiful and bright place. We believe in them.

As far as recruiting advice directed toward the managers, you have to believe in yourself, your company and what you have to offer. You have to believe that an agent is going to be more successful with you than with someone else. When you believe this, then you have to put a plan in place that gets that message out. Here at Gary Greene and when I�m out recruiting, it�s easy for me to convince others to come join our company because I�m so convinced it�s a great place to be. Every manager and every company has something different to offer. It�s just a matter of getting in front of people to get your message out.

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