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Mr. Roland Bucks

1234 Your Street

Anytown, USA


Dear Roland:

You may or may not have heard the news. On May 14th, the US Postal Service is increasing the cost of first class stamps from $0.39 to $0.41.

When increases have occurred in the past, I have always found myself with quite a few of the old stamps on hand and no way to use them because it seemed much easier to just buy a book of the new stamps. 

For years, I have been frustrated by the lack of customer service at the local post offices.

Even if there is only one person ahead of me, it seems that I can always count on waiting at least twenty minutes for service. Then, invariably, the postal person behind the counter acts like they�re going out of their way and doing a favor waiting on me.

During the month of December, the week of April 15th, and at the time of increases in the cost of postage, the lines get longer and the waits are unbelievable. It doesn�t seem to matter what post office it is. I have had similar experiences at several.

With this latest increase, I know the same thing is going to happen again. Long Lines - Long Waits - Poor Service. I don�t want to be caught up in it. I don�t believe that you do either. So I am sending you these stamps. I assume that you have some $.39 stamps left. Use these stamps with the ones you have left over. They will tide you over until later when the lines won�t be as long.

Feel free to share any stamps you might have left over with your family members, neighbors or friends who dread the thought of having to go to the post office for some new stamps.

Sincerely yours,
Elmo Johnson, President
Pipeline Realty


Carol Johnson's Management Note:  Bob Paroski, a mortgage loan officer from Naperville, IL has sent us this letter every time there was a postage change in the last 10 years.  Included are four stamps in the denomination needed to bridge the gap in first class postage, usually one or two cents.  A similar letter is recommended by Brian Buffini. 

I suggest you supply this letter and a sheet of stamps to your agents the next time a postage increase is announced and encourage them to send stamps to their clients and prospects. 
Do the same thing for your relocation, mortgage, and title companies, and of course, for recruits.  For recruits, add a blurb about how you provide timely marketing tips to your agents on a regular basis.

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