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Dear Prudential Anaheim Hills Professionals,

This month nearly 6000 commission checks will be cut to agents in

Orange County! My question to you is this... How many of next months

checks do you want/need?


I just want everyone to keep this in perspective. If you are watching

the news or reading the newspaper then I can understand why you would

be feeling a little discouraged. But those of you who have been around

a while know that every market has its advantages and opportunities

for the resourceful Realtor. Stop listening to the negative reports...

period. Know the info so you know "how" to work right now, but keep it

in perspective and tune out the negativity.


In speaking with agents throughout the company who are succeeding there

is a clear and common thread. Here are some questions to ask yourself:


1. Are you putting in a full days work and then some?


2. Are you focusing on setting appointments daily? Hourly?


3. Are you genuinely looking for opportunities to help people solve

their "problem" in Real Estate?


4. Are you working a set schedule daily?


5. Are you working a "plan" or do you "plan" on working?


6. Are you starting your day in the office and treating your business

like a real job?


7. Are you galvanized by the opportunities in the market today, or are

you paralyzed?


8. Are you doing all that you can do to accomplish your goals?


9. Are you taking advantage of the company resources? i.e. Online

Seller Advantage, Skill Building Classes, office meetings, etc.


10. Do you have a coach? Hire Tom Ferry's organization, or have your

spouse, friend, Me (your manager), to hold you accountable!


I hope these ideas help! You are truly the finest team of Realtors in

Orange County and the numbers prove it!


So stay focused and keep doing a great job out there!


Brad Pearson
Branch Manager
Prudential California
Realty Riverside, CA
 Editors Note: Brad Pearson discussed how he used this letter to motivate his agents in Teleclass Presentation. Notes are available in the Teleclass Notes Archive Section.
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