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What Is Included? Each sponsorship includes:

   Business site:  A multi-paged site within the portal with a complete suite of pages, interactive features and on-line tools to manage all the components. The "Home page" is a full page within the site which includes your contact information (address, phone and fax numbers), your logo,a full page describing your business, links to your web site (if applicable) and e-mail address. Add more pages as needed (See Unlimited Pages below).
   Web Conferencing:  Web Conferencing allows you to conduct presentations via the Internet where you control the participants browser. Tour Web sites, present Powerpoint or Word Documents to display your products and services. Web Conferencing allows you to present to many people at the same time without ever leaving your office. The entire presentation is branded to your business.
   Live Support:  Live Support is a complete Customer Relations Mangement (CRM) and visitor support tool. With Live Support, when a customer/visitor visits your website, they can instantly see if someone is available to chat with them. And all they need to do to start a conversation with you is click on the Live Support button on your website. They do not need to install any software or download anything new. Plus, if no one is available to chat with your customer/visitor, they will automatically be sent to an online email form to easily contact you.
   Cooperative Networking:  Cooperative Networking is a powerful and natural way for groups to band together to mutually benefit the members. This extends your current Business Network to share leads and refer business other members. This feature gives you the ability to create you own network(s) and join other networks. As a member of a Cooperative Network, your pages automatically include links to the other member's sites and their sites include links to your site. Within all the sites is a directory page listing all the members of the network with links and contact information.
   E-commerce Store:  An on-line store to offer your products and services. Establish separate departments to organize your products, include both a "thumbnail" and full size photo of the product with a full page describing the features. Designate "Specials" that display on each page of your store. Integrated with the PayPal� on-line payment system allowing you to accept cash, credit card and e-check payments on-line without the high cost and hassle of establishing your own merchant account and e-commerce enabled web site. Store includes multiple e-commerce/checkout options, Inventory management, Shopping Cart, Custom Product Attributes, Full transaction reporting/exporting and integration with E-Newsletter marketing tools.
   Powerful Search:  Local businesses are displayed above ALL other results on the Search Page - Local businesses ALWAYS come first.
   Business Directory:  Your business is included in the categorized and searchable site Business Directory. Clients can find your business by selecting the category or with full text searching for any information on your main page, business name, address, or category. Sponsors are ranked and displayed above any businesses that only have the free directory listing. Additionally, your listing includes the Gold Star designation of a sponsor and is linked directly to your pages. back to top
   Your logo prominently displayed:  Your logo will be prominently displayed across several areas of the site at the top if each page. The logo is automatically linked directly to your site pages. back to top
   Unlimited Pages:  If you can use E-mail or a Word Processor, you can create unlimited number of attractive pages. A unique Point and Click linking tool lets you link between pages, E-Form and other sites. Add pictures - no problem, again just Point and Click. back to top
   E-Forms:  Just point and click to build custom E-Forms. Create unique forms for product orders, special requests or anything needed for your business and have the information sent to the e-mail address(es) you want. back to top
   Coupons:  Offer your discount coupons on-line without the high cost of printing and mailing. Coupons have starting and ending effective dates allowing you to run targeted specials. Coupons can be offered as "Public" or "Members Only", giving you the ability to reward your local and loyal patrons with special offerings. Additionally, your coupons are automatically included in the dynamic "Coupon Clipper" page for all active coupons being offered. The Coupon Clipper gives the clients a fast and easy path directly to your coupons and business pages. back to top
   Appointment System:  Offer the convenience and improved efficency of accepting appointments via your pages. You decide the days, hours, frequency, how far in advance to accept on-line appointments for each of your service "Providers". Each Provider is displayed with their own biography/description and their unique appointment offerings. You can choose to automatically confirm appointments or allow you to "Get back" to the client. When an appointment is made, you, the provider and the client each receive an notice/confirmation individual e-mail. Each provider can have their own custom confirmation message sent to the client. back to top
   Reservation System:  Offer the convenience and improved efficency of accepting reservations via your pages. Similar to the Appointment System, but incorporating the unique differences between reservations and appointments (for example, multiple reservations for the same time period). You decide the days, hours, frequency, how far in advance to accept on-line reservations, and maximum reservations per time period. Each offering is displayed with its own description. You can link specific reservation offerings to your business calendar allowing clients to quickly and easily make reservations for a specific event and date offering (for example, Mothers Day brunch, a seminar, etc.). You can choose to automatically confirm reservations or allow you to "Get back" to the client. When an reservation is made, you and the client each receive an individual notice/confirmation e-mail. Each offering can have its own custom confirmation message sent to the client. back to top
   Business Calendar:  Display your special events on your own business calendar (open houses, weekly specials, etc.). Each calendar event includes full page describing the event which can include photos/images and links for eye-catching presentation. Additionally, the events can be linked to the on-line Reservation system. back to top
   Contact Us Topics:  A powerful Contact Us e-mail system allowing you to create several topics (for example, sales requests, more info, etc.) the client selects that best describes their question. Each topic can have mulitple e-mail addresses assigned to automatically route the requests to the appropriate staff member or department. back to top
   FAQ Tools:  Create and manage your Frequently Asked Questions page quickly and easily. The feature allows you to keep you keep you FAQs current and timely with ease. back to top
   One Click Map:  Clients are only one click away from a map to your place of business making it easier for them to locate you and get to their appointments or visit your store. back to top
   Photo Gallery with Slideshow:  Quickly create galleries of photos of your facilities, staff or anything else. The tool automatically organizes, sizes and creates corresponding thumbnail images. The Slideshow displays your photos in rotating show with fade in and fade out transistions. back to top
   Community Rating System:  A powerful member rating system based on 5 "Value components". Members can submit their recommendation/rating of area businesses. The rating system provides you with a unique discriminator to show your business is the "Best" as judged by your loyal customers. Each customer can only submit a limited number of ratings per sponsor to prevent "Ballot Box Stuffing" and ensue an accurate rating. The rating system is used as the final ranking criteria in the business directory sorting. back to top
   Easy Self-Service Feature Managment:  A powerful, yet easy to use suite of Self-Service, on-line tools within a password protected area empowering you to quickly manage the features. No programming or technical expertise is required. back to top
   Optional External Website:  If you don't already have a website, or if yours does not include all these features, we can provide one for you. Any changes or updates on your internal or external site are connected. Update once and all areas are updated automatically. back to top
   E-Newsletters:  With the External Website, you also get the ability to send attractive E-Newsletters that look just like your website. Create multiple subscriber lists, send any page on your site to lists or individual messages. Powerful tracking reports showing what was sent, to who, who opened your message and how many times - all reports are up to the second information. back to top <CFIF 1 EQ #sitetype.site_biz_dir#>
   Last but NOT LEAST  You will be helping your community! The local non-profit organization operating the #session.sitename# receives a portion of all sponsorship fees. The old adage of "Doing well, while doing good" is at the very core of the Community Sponsor Program. And while the above items are powerful and interesting, you also have the satisfaction and reputation of being a community minded business. That is a value that money can not buy. back to top
   Become a sponsor now...  You can create your sponsorship immediately. Start here and in 5 minutes you will be set up and can begin growing your business and supporting your community.

   I'm interested... How do I learn more or become a sponsor? Easy, visit our Sponsor Interest page.