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Rules Of Engagement

Dr. Roger Lipson

Dr. Roger Lipson

The following article appeared in a issue of Rismedia and is reprinted with permission from the publisher, Information Services, Inc.  For more information about Rismedia, go to

Employee engagement," a concept quantifying an employee's commitment to his or her work, is the key factor in an organization's productivity, employee retention and overall success, according to Dr. Roger Lipson, managing partner at Kenexa Corporation.

The conclusions are drawn by Kenexa, a leading human management capital and e-business firm, from more than one million surveys and interviews with employees, human resource managers and senior executives at Fortune 2000 enterprises.

Kenexa has discovered a direct link between employee engagement and many of the performance measurements that businesses use to gauge success, such as productivity, retention and revenue.

The need for such measurements was further reinforced by a recent report by The Society for Human Resources Management's "Retention Practices Survey," which indicated that more than 25 percent of U.S. workforce turnover was voluntary.

"During times of economic uncertainty, the general assumption is that turnover is largely due to layoffs and that remaining employees cling to their jobs," says Lipson. "However, our research consistently shows that the most talented and skillful people -- those who typically escape layoffs � will always have opportunities and they will leave companies when they no longer feel highly engaged."

The studies determined an employee's "engagement" by rating his or her level of satisfaction, loyalty and commitment to the company and its mission. The higher these levels, the more engaged the employee.

Lipson's team analyzed data from more than five years of organizational assessment survey research conducted for Fortune 2000 companies.

"By quantifying engagement and understanding its importance to the employee and the company, Kenexa has been very successful at proactively curbing voluntary turnover by recommending and implementing solutions for improving engagement," says Lipson. "We have helped companies keep their best employees."

Kenexa, a leading provider of consulting services and HCM solutions for Fortune 2000 companies, offers a full complement of Web-based employee survey administration, reporting and action-planning solutions, allowing participants to easily and confidentially complete surveys with a simple browser.

The company provides a seamless process, including:

Automated e-mail notification and reminders to participants

Online, real-time, response-rate tracking and reporting
Self-directed, online coaching and action planning via Kenexa's Career Tracker module

Providing expertise in the talent acquisition, training, employee retention research and consulting, Kenexa has a staff of acknowledged thought leaders in the field of human capital management.

With more than 600 professionals and 15 offices worldwide, Kenexa's products and services are designed to enhance productivity by focusing on the talent and technology that maximize the performance of people and systems.

Kenexa is also a leader in technology consulting.

The Kenexa Technology Solutions Group is a team of management consulting and technology professionals devoted to helping its customers use technology to achieve their business objectives.

Kenexa's technology experts provide the complete set of tools and knowledge to maximize the productivity and performance of a business.

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