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Happy Labor Day!

It's Recruiting Season...
Are You Ready?

The Official Start of the Agent Hunting Season Starts After Labor Day
Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson
The Recruiting Network

Traditionally, brokers go into agent hunting mode the day after Labor Day. The standard wisdom is that, experienced agents are more likely to move when business is slow. Business has been slowing down for years, recruiting needs to change! It�s time to re-think the �Recruiting Season� and beef up sales activity, because production is king when times are tough.

Brokers who are prepared to hunt for top producers usually launch the fall season with management retreats focused on new strategies that will take them through the next year. The best create recruiting budgets, rehearse dialogue and put their official stamp of approval on agent benefit packages that have been spruced up for the season. Firms aiming at the big guns have killer databases and contract for a third party analysis of MLS data. They know that a clear understanding of recruiting numbers provides a measurable advantage when formulating plans and accountability.

It doesn�t take a seasoned hunter to know that Recruiting Season marketing material must be carefully bundled into pretty presentations. Career events, PowerPoint supplemented with clever postcard campaigns and drip email with catchy subject lines and texted coffee invitations. Last, but not least, is the personal follow-up, the DREADED recruiting call. Personal contact is where most programs �Fall� down. They simply fail to make a lasting connection with the targeted recruits or demographics.

The truth is Labor Day is NOT the time to start a recruiting program. It�s the time to beef up your agent training and productivity programs. Next year�s business starts before the leaves are all off of the trees. When other brokers are putting on a Fall Recruiting Blitz, you should be right on track with you 2009 Recruiting and Retention program. Every agent that had a transaction with your company this year should already have a relationship with you. You should know their production record, the number of co-op transactions they had with you and your competitors and how their office production compares to yours. You should also know their hot buttons, success stories and the name of their kids and pets.

Agents don�t move because the economy is slowing down, they move because they feel their office or their company is slowing them down. They blame the broker for not having the lead generation and transaction management systems they need or for poor office conditions. They are eager to follow a leader who is on top of the latest trends and technology and who can help them get to the next level.

Many top agents are carrying their office and their companies. Agents are early adaptors. They are looking for leadership that can support their creativity and business skills. BUT, they won�t budge if they haven�t established a trusting relationship with someone at your company. That relationship isn�t built in a season. It is built one transaction, one personal contact and one phone call at a time.

Labor Day is a time to honor our workforce and remember those who labored to create a better work environment. If you are launching a fall campaign, build on the past by making it sustainable for years to come. Budget for membership in the Recruiting Network, ($298 for the first office and $100.00 each for additional offices listed on your website). Don�t miss any of our Recruiting Network Teleclasses or Conferences. Take advantage of the cutting edge trends in the Recruiting Pipeline Newsletters and use our articles, huge recruiting letter library and seasonal ideas all year, not just in the Fall.

Every day should be Recruiting Season! When you work your plan you won�t dread making those calls. You will enjoy the relationships you are building and be proud to tell success stories about agents you have brought on board.

Happy Labor Day from Your Friends from the Recruiting Network, Inc.!

Carol Johnson, Founder,
Jonathan Nicholas, President

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