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  Seasonal Ideas

Put Your Career Event in
Full Swing!

"The Ultimate Goal is to Be the Best...
The Best Ever!"
Tiger Woods

Bill Lampton, PhD., author of Helping You Finish in First Place, offers a thought-provoking meeting planning idea to open your next career or golf event in full swing.  Right after your introduction and welcome, ask your prospective recruits these two questions:

Question #1

"Raise your hand if you can tell me who Butch Harmon is."
Add quickly: "If you know the answer, please don't say it.  Just raise your hand."

Question #2

"How many of you know who Tiger Woods is?" Again, ask for a show of hands only. If they don�t know who Tiger is, forget recruiting them!

Follow-up by saying, "Notice that almost nobody knows who Butch Harmon is.  Butch Harmon was Tiger Woods' coach for several years.  He was the person Tiger went to for instruction. Think about that. If the greatest golfer in the world needed guidance, then we can assume that the greatest professional workers -- like you -- will benefit from what a coach offers.

"Today, I am your Butch Harmon. I will be coaching you on career options in the exciting field of real estate sales. We are looking for a special type of sales professional in our company. We are looking for people with the skills and drive to be winners. If, after this meeting, we mutually decide that our company offers the right career options for you, we will do everything in our power to assist you in achieving championship performance.

"Our training, coaching and mentoring systems are designed to produce a big difference in your performance. You will become a more accomplished professional."

At the end of the meeting, say: "I have enjoyed being your Butch Harmon, your career coach today. I hope those of you who enter the real estate field will go out and play like Tiger!"

Adapted from Bill Lampton, PhD., Helping You Finish in First Place.

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