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  Holiday Ideas
 Twenty Ways to
Recruit Some-Bunny!
 Now Hop to It!  

By Carol Johnson                                



  Get your office productivity "Hopping" because
  success breeds success!
  Make every Bunny feel important!
  Prospect so you won't have all of your eggs in one
  Deliver holiday treats to agents at open houses.
  Look for people's true colors in face to face
  Deliver on all your promises, or people will be
  hopping mad.
  What you do speaks louder than what you say.
  Everyone needs a friend who is all ears.
  There's no such thing as too many goodies.

  Put big carrots on your stick, but make sure they can
  be reached.
  Diversity creates a colorful office.
12.     All work and no play can make anyone a basket case.
  Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day, but some are
  recruiting opportunities.
  Even true believers need to hear your story more
  than once a year.
  Positive attitudes multiply like rabbits.
  Never discriminate; turtles are faster than you think.
  A lot of good eggs are waiting to be picked up!
  Every Bunny likes to have fun!
  There Today, Hare Tomorrow!
  Hop to It!


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