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Lessons from the Olympics on Recruiting a Quality Team

Carol Johnson
The Recruiting Network

Carol Johnson

Were you thinking recruiting when the 2008 Olympics came to a spectacular close? More than one million volunteers were recruited to host the eight billion dollar extravaganza, and recruiting is what contributes to the success of this and every country�s Olympic ambitions. Winning a medal depended on recruiting, coaching, and strong work ethics. Those are exactly same things that separate winning sales agents from those who continually come up short. Millions get their licenses, but few are really in the game.

Putting together a winning team involves more than just wanting to win. Every person who trains for the Olympics dreams of gold, but not all are prepared to do what it takes to beat strong competitors. It�s the same in real estate. Newly minted licensees enter the profession hoping to pocket the promised "unlimited" income, but they don�t show up for training; they don�t commit to developing competitive skills or invest in their career.

When Jacques Rogge, President of the IOC, invited, "the youth of the world to gather again in London in four years", he left out a large segment of Olympians. He made the same mistake that many managers make, thinking it takes young people to build a winning team. That�s not true; it takes people prepared to compete at the highest level, regardless of age. The Water Cube was alive with excitement as 41 year old Dara Torres narrowly missed the gold in the 50m women�s freestyle by 1/100th of a second. A 16 year old Dutch swimmer, Cate Campbell, got the bronze in the same heat only 8/100ths of a second before the 4th place finisher. In picking a team that can medal, some coaches might think 16 is to young and 41 is to old, but the truth is they all had what it took to succeed.

Like the real estate industry the Olympics has been showing its age. This year 16 members of the Canadian Olympic team were over 40 and at least 23% of the more than 1,055 medalists were older than 35 years old. Many Olympians were in their 40�s, 50�s and 60�s. Germany fielded a 67 year old equestrian and Canada had a 61 year old show jumper, though both wisely brought a much younger horses. Like Ronald Regan, the oldest president in history, they have learned to "exploit their opponents� youth and inexperience."

Age is just a number. Attitude, hard work, discipline, and competitiveness is what distinguishes champions. "There's a difference in our society," explains Bob McCormack, the chief medical officer for the Canadian Olympic teams. "Sixty is the new 40. People are staying active longer." Baby Boomers are staying in real estate longer, too. Age isn�t causing the mass exodus in the real estate industry, the people leaving are the ones who should have never been hired. Wannabees, drift in and out with the changing economic winds. They lacked the skills and commitment to compete at a sustainable level of production and rarely show promise beyond the first 30 days.

If you are going for the gold in recruiting, take the time to pick your team carefully and coach and nurture them to success. Look for skills, attitude, past successes, and that special "fire in the belly". It will be four long years until the next Summer Olympics, but now is the time for rebuilding the a strong real estate team. Our industry is in shambles because poorly selected agents and mortgage vendors were hired and allowed to get in the game. Now is the time to clean off the bench and focus on recruiting and retaining the winners. Now is the time to inspire the champions, train the rookies, and re-invent the way business is going to be done in the future. Everyone wins when the industry fields a quality team.

I invite you to come join the winning recruiters as we "Rock the Recovery!" Plan to attend the 2009 Recruiting Network Conference April 22-24th at the beautiful FireSky Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

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