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 Consulting Services

Recruiting Tools to Grow Your Company!

Recruiting Network
Consulting Services

Carol Johnson

The Recruiting Network, Inc.

    Corporate Analysis 
      Recruiting System and System Map

The Recruiting Network's Recruiting System Map is the most comprehensive corporate recruiting analysis product available in the real estate industry.  This product was designed to achieve maximum recruiting results by identifying system and procedure service gaps.  It creates a system development guide for implementing recruiting activities that can be managed and measured.

The system map identifies areas of strength to be promoted and system gaps that cause recruits to fall through the cracks.  Possible risks are also identified, which are brought to the attention of the client's legal council in order to establish legally defensible human resource procedures, training, and paper trails.

This intense analysis process requires the personal involvement of corporate leaders and executives.  A less-detailed version of the Corporate Recruiting System Map is available for smaller firms and individual offices within large organizations and franchise systems.

Elements reviewed become key components of a corporate recruiting strategy.  Action steps emerge and become part of the consulting process that includes:

      Personal interview with appropriate staff members
      Analyze Recruiting Systems using System Map
      Provide performance-tracking spreadsheets
      Provide 66 Point competitive web site review 
      Personal coaching and consulting based on findings
      Written project summary and recommendations  
      Strategy session and review with broker's web
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   Office Recruiting System Map

The Recruiting Network Consulting Services provides office managers with a System Mapping profile that brings unique and creative ideas to the group and identifies management system gaps that need to be addressed by improving policies, procedures, and accountability systems.  This Office Recruiting System is designed for the branch manager and small/start-up firms looking to energize their recruiting programs.  Participants receive a twelve-page profile to help map their office recruiting processes from prospecting through training. 

The elements of the twelve-page analysis includes the same services as the Corporate Analysis, but requires less one-on-one and consulting review time. 

       Personal interview with appropriate staff members
       Analyze Recruiting Systems
       Review performance-tracking spreadsheets
       Provide 66-Point competitive web site review 
       Personal coaching and consulting based on findings
       Written project summary and recommendations  
       Strategy session and review with broker's web site     

Contact us for project proposal.


   Career Web Site Analysis

There is nothing more powerful than a firm's website when it comes to attracting high-quality recruits.  This is where both new and experienced agents spend the most time checking you out.  The Recruiting Network will assist you in identifying the content and navigation needed to make your web site a magnet for recruits and the clients they serve.

      66-point web site competitive review questionnaire   
      Critique of client web site and career pages
      Analysis of competing web sites
      Review and comparison of industry-leading sites 
      Web strategy planning session and review with broker's 
        own marketing department and/or web developer
      Assist in developing policy and procedures based on the 
        new EEOC regulations that regulate online recruiting 
      Set-up system for required government interview paper 
      Provide brokers with web development resources
      Develop recruiting plans and campaigns based on your site

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  Secret Shopper
     Compliance & Service Check

There are only a handful of real estate firms with the systems in place to protect themselves from actual or perceived discrimination in the human resource department. The Recruiting Profiles identify system flaws, but the Secret Shopper identifies where the leads are being lost and where a large company is most apt to be vulnerable to a legal review of their systems.

Contact us for project proposal.


  Fee Options

Consulting Fees: 
 Based on project scope and complexity.

Consulting Rates:
 Based on retainer and ownership of
intellectual property and copyrights.

Coaching is priced by the hour, based on retainer.

Contact us for project proposal.

   Contact Us

The Recruiting Network, Inc.
Consulting Services

Carol Johnson,   
Founder and President

Mail to:
Carol Johnson
407 Sequoia Ct Suite 3B
Schaumburg, Il 60193

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