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 Teleclass Services

Notice to Members:  The Recruiting Network Teleclass Schedule will resume under new ownership.  Carol is retiring but will be on hand to help with the transition and keep in touch with our loyal friends and supporters.

Members Please Log on for access to the Members Only Content in the Teleclass Section of the Resource Center.

Sorry, Teleclass participation is restricted to members only!
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Teleclass Schedules
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Teleclass Notes*
Teleclass Products
*Members must be logged in to access the 'Members Only' content.

What is a Teleclass?

Teleclasses are live teleconference interviews with leading industry experts. They provide our members with a global perspective of changing trends in the recruiting process industry wide. Sessions are conducted on the first Monday of each month at 4:00 PM Eastern Time, except when holiday changes are noted on the schedule.

What are the Benefits?
Learning from the leaders is a major benefit. Our job is to research the recruiting field and bring our members cutting edge information before it is common knowledge in the industry. Many top products and techniques have been introduced to the industry at their earliest stages through the Recruiting Network. Teleclass presenters using new ideas and technology give you practical tips on how to incorporate them into your strategies.

Who May Participate?
The �Members Only Rule� applies to Teleclass participation. Twelve Teleclass sessions are included in your yearly Recruiting Network Membership Subscription. These lively sessions are followed by questions and answers from the audience. This gives our members the opportunity to gain first hand information from leaders who are making a difference in real estate recruiting, training and human resource management. Click here to join the Recruiting Network.

Teleclass Notes*
*Members must be logged in to access the Members Only content.

Teleclass Notes
Teleclass notes are rich with proven recruiting and retention advice, tips, dialogue and strategy shared by industry leaders. Every Teleclass session is transcribed and the notes are posted in the "Members Only" section of the Resource Center. Teleclass CDs are available on line in the Store for Recruiters

Privately Branded Teleclasses
The Recruiting Network offers privately branded Teleclasses as a part of our consulting services. We identify top recruiting professionals in your organization with transferable skills and systems and assist in preparing them for their Teleclass presentations. This is followed with transcribing the notes, and putting them into a password-protected section of the site, which only members can see. It is a fabulous way for organizations to offer a global recruiting perspective to their members. Carol Johnson�s expertise as the project consultant adds a broad base of knowledge to strengthen and build brand specific recruiting products and services.

Privately Branded Teleclass Schedules and Access Codes
Privately Branded Teleclass Schedules and Access Codes appear in blue folders and may only be seen by the participating group. Members must be logged on using the email address they used to sign up for the program and their pass word. Some groups have access to more than one blue folder, but no one outside of the group even knows they exist.

What is the Members Only Rule?
Teleclasses and the content in the password protected �Members Only� section of the Recruiting Pipeline Resource Center is for paid subscribers only. It may be use by an individual but may NOT be used for a company recruiting program unless the firm has a group membership license and all managers are members of The Recruiting Network. If only one manager in a multi-office firm is a member they may not distribute this information in any form to others in their firm. Unauthorized use will be considered theft of service with non-refundable loss of membership.

Missing Link Report
Please help us maintain your Recruiting Pipeline web site by notifying us when you find a missing link (or a dreaded typo).
Simply click on the "Chat With Us" icon or go to "Contact Us." Copy the URL address at the top of the offending page and describe the problem. We will make every effort to have it repaired in 48 hours. Thank you for your interest.

Content Notice
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