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Why can't I view some of the pages on the website? - top

Known Issues: 

The pop-up blocker in Norton Internet Security disables some of our website's content. does not have pop-up pages, but the Norton pop-up blocker interprets our Cold Fusion generated pages as "pop ups."

Solution:  Disable the pop up blocker under "Norton Anti-Spam."

This problem does not occur when the Windows XP Pop-Up blocker is enabled.  If you would still like to block pop up windows, enable the blocker in Internet Explorer under Tools > Pop Up Blocker.

Member's Only Content

You may not be able to view certain pages if you are not logged on as a member.  Either log on or click on "Join" on the banner at the top of the screen to become a member.

Member's only content is marked with a lock symbol next to the link.

Help! I Can't Get In - top

The "Member Sign In" function will only recognize an e-mail address in our system. The e-mail address you used when you joined the Recruiting Network is your "Unique Identifier". Always use the same email address. Once you log on using your assigned password, your computer will remember you when you return.

Why Do I Need to Log in Sometimes and Not Others? - top

If your computer is set up to accept cookies, it will remember you when you return.  However, if you log off or use a different computer, you will need to log on using the "Member Sign In" feature on the left.  Always log off if you use a public or shared computer.

Where Are the Blue Folders? - top

Blue folders are a special benefit available to large groups. These privately branded blue folders appear in the "Article Library".  Group Members must use the Member Sign In function which recognizes group e-mail addresses.

This function was designed for franchise organizations and multi-office firms to create and store brand-specific recruiting materials on the Recruiting Pipeline web site. Coaching and Consulting clients also have access to this secure location.

Why Did My E-mail Notices Stop? - top

All member service communications, including Teleclass promotions, access numbers and Teleclass notes, are sent to the e-mail address in our system. It is the member's responsibility to keep his or her contact information current. Use the "Member Sign In" function to update your email address and password.

Where is the Members Only Section?  - top

The "Members Only" articles are located in the "locked" gold folders. You must sign in, using the "Member Sign In" feature on the left, to unlock the "Members Only" folders.  They contain our popular Teleclass Notes as well as content reserved exclusively for paid members.

Why No Individual Memberships? - top
We have made group membership very affordable, at less than a cup of coffee a week.  Unfortunately a few firms were purchasing single memberships and distributing the information to their whole management team, which is strictly against the rules.  The Recruiting Pipeline and the Teleclasses are a simple way to get your whole companies recruiting program on the same page. 

What's the Difference Between Primary & Associate Memberships? - top

A Primary Membership is the designated contact person for a company. Associate Group Memberships are attached to a Primary Member at a reduced price. Individual memberships are no longer available to managers in multi-office firms. All managers, recruiters and trainers re required to join as a group. 

Why Won't My Teleclass Access Code Work? - top

The Teleclass phone number does not change every month, but the Access Code does!  Paid members are sent access code numbers twice prior to each session.  The phone number for the next Teleclass is posted in the Teleclass Schedule folder and is password protected for "Members Only".

What is a Teleclass? - top

Teleclasses are live one hour telephone seminars featuring industry experts with recruiting-related expertise. Participation provides members with a global perspective of recruiting from the comfort of their office. Teleclasses are restricted to members only and are part of the membership package.

What's the Difference Between the Recruiting Network and Recruiting Pipeline? - top

The Recruiting Network is a professional organization. The Recruiting Pipeline is the on-line resource center that comes with membership in the Recruiting Network.  The website contains the cutting edge recruiting systems, a comprehensive library of recruiting information and things that create a "buzz" in the office.

Do You Still Have Conferences? - top

The answer is yes and no.  Carol Johnson sold the rights to the Recruiting Network Conference in 2001 to focus on developing the Recruiting Pipeline web site.  However, recruiting focused meetings, planning, and facilitation of recruiting events and workshops are available through the Recruiting Network consulting services. Invite Carol to assist in planning your next managers' retreat or training session.

What Happened to the Newsletters in Silver Tubes? - top

The Recruiting Network stopped producing printed newsletters in 2001. The web site will archive many of the classic ideas we featured in the Recruiting Pipeline Newsletter.  Sorry, the corny "tube gifts" are history. Teleclasses were added during the transition to the web.  They were so popular that they're now part of your membership package. The web site is more than an on-line newsletter.

Why Do You Post Holiday Ideas So Late? - top

Our members can tap into a growing selection of holiday ideas in the "Members Only" section of the Recruiting Resource Center at any time of the year.  We encourage members to plan their holiday, birthday and office events a year in advance.  Seasonal and holiday links are added to the Newsletter, Features, Tips and Clicks  and Calendar sections a few weeks prior to an event.

How Are Topics for Forums and Polls Selected? - top

The topics for Forums and Polls are based on suggestions and submissions by the members of the Recruiting Network. Carol Johnson selects topics that relate to Teleclass content or issues in the news. Elmo and Muffin promote the exchange of corny ideas.

I Changed Companies... Now What? - top

If you are a Single Office Primary Member, your status may not have changed.  "My Recruiting Pipeline" has a place to update your e-mail if it changed in the move.

If you have an Associate Group  Membership, purchased by a company or franchise, the Primary Member has the ability to cancel your membership at any time. Refunds and membership transfers are not available at the AssociateGroup Membership level. The size and membership status of your new firm will determine your options.

Why Do I Keep Getting Kicked Off After I Log On? - top

Your computer may not allow cookies.  A session cookie lets the computer know you are allowed in the "Members Only" section.  Open IInternet EXPLORER, go to TOOLS, select INTERNET OPTIONS in the drop down menu, then DELETE COOKIES, DELETE FILES and CLEAR HISTORY.  This clears your cache. Close Explorer, Re-Open Explorer and log on again.

IF that doesn't fix the problem then go to TOOLS, select INTERNET OPTIONS, Click ont the PRIVAACY tab at the top of the window.  Select ADVANCED Settings.  Select OVERIDE AUTOMATIC COOKIE HANDLING, ACCEPT FIRST PARTY COOKIES, BLOCK THIRD PARTY COOKIES, and ALWAYS ALLOW SESSION COOKIES. Hit all of the appropriate OK's and close Explorer again.  Re-open Explorer and try to log in again.

IF THAT doesn't work, then there must be some type of security software running on your machine that is stopping the session cookie.  Check your Norton, WIndows FIrewall, or a combination of the above.